Crowd Pleasing Autumn Chowder Soup

This is the recipe we used to make at our Cafe – hard to believe it’s been closed for 12 years now!! This stuff sold out every day we had it — we kept making bigger and bigger batches and it always sold out! People would beg for the recipe for this Crowd Pleasing Autumn Chowder Soup and we would […]

Chicken Chili

My awesome friend La, who has the blog The Curvy Life, shared her chicken chili recipe a while back…and it intrigued me as it was not a white chicken chili – but a regular chili. The weather has taken a dip for the cooler days of fall and it’s time to take some of that cooked, shredded chicken that I […]

Crock Pot Apple Butter

Apples were on sale this week – and came to about $.50 a pound~ That is a GREAT deal! It’s no secret that I didn’t make jam this summer, we were too busy and simply had plenty left from last year. It’s starting to run low so it’s time to get busy in the kitchen. =) This recipe is SOOOO […]

Simple Beef Stew Over Biscuits

We used to joke at my restaurant that today’s soup was cream of yesterday’s special. This Simple Beef Stew Over Biscuits fits perfectly with that them as beef stew is simply dressed up left over pot roast. This is simple to make – and great in a crock pot! Start with the left over pot roast. Remove the meat from […]

Back to School Gifts for Teacher

It’s that time of year…the kiddos are going back to school. I was just outside of Walmart and saw that they had Mum plants for just $1 and I was hit by some inspiration for fun gifts for teacher for the first day. Back to School Gifts for Teacher On the Scrapfreak message boards someone had shared a link to […]

Why Investing in Microfiber Towels Saves Money!

Penny Pincher Tupperware parties are becoming a hot item for hosts to choose – it’s a simple demo where I show them how they can save over $3,000 a year, painlessly. Tupperware has the right tools to help with this – like our Fridgesmart Set that can save the average family of four over $600 a year in produce waste…What […]