Leftover Ham Bone = bean soup!

If you had a slightly smoky ham like we did – it’s PERFECT for making crock pot bean soup! Start with that ham bone and a bag of assorted beans (approx one pound) Add 3-4 diced carrots, one small diced onion and 1-2 stalks diced celery   Toss in one can of petite dice tomatoes, along with a pinch of sugar […]

Ground Beef Deal at HyVee – Recipe Ideas!

It’s funny, that I pulled up my ground beef post from last year and it was the exact same date: April 15th. It still looks like the HyVee packaging – so it tells me that mid April, they will probably have the same deal NEXT year too, LOL! If you plan to hit the sale on ground beef at HyVee […]

Cheese Tortellini Alfredo

This is an EASY one to whip up and can easily be changed with what ingredients you have on hand! You can switch out the peas, or mushrooms, or broccoli with Diced chicken or ham. You can skip the last four ingredients and use a jar of Alfredo sauce (Think Prego) to speed things up a bit!Enjoy! 2 (9 ounce) […]