Frugal Friday: Resale Shops

It’s no surprise that things are tight for a lot of people… we are all finding new, creative ways, to stretch a buck for our families. When the Garage Sale season is over in Wisconsin (we only get 6 months of it) I like to turn to the resale shops and resale events! This is a fairly new on in […]

DIY Thursday: Back To School

It’s that time of year – the kiddos are almost back in school! We have talked for a few weeks about the school supplies were on bargain pricing, clothes and now, what to do for the teacher! Not everyone likes to do a gift for the teacher for the first day of school – so think of these ideas for […]

A Royal Surprise

So we are at the grocery store, at the customer service desk to pick our bologna pre-order up for our food pantry, and and a lady comes up to me. She reads my blog, knew we were on vacation and would NOT hit the garage sale she was at.  She had been reading about the new Princess bedroom and thought miss Sarah needed […]

Frugal Friday: $1,000 Lunch Bags!

This is my $1,000 lunch bag set. Sound impossible? It doesn’t COST $1,000 but it can save your family $1,000 or more! Just think about it:If you work outside the home and you buy lunch out almost every day… If you only spend $8.00 a day on lunch and a soda, get two weeks of vacation a year, that is 50 […]

Eatting Out At Disney…Or Not.

That is exactly what we do – eat OUT usually, not at the parks. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great places at the parks and, if you go in September, you might get a FREE dining plan added to your package! I pack a few restaurant gift cards from home – like this $25 one from Chili’s that […]

DIY Thursday – Stuffy Catch All

I have been tweaking a few things for the Princess Bedroom… and this was a HUGE necessity as there seemed to be more and more stuffed animals on the bed with less room for Miss Sarah! First I found the “cow trough” planter at JoAnn Fabrics for 90% off the $39.99 price tag. Yup, I got it for $3.99! They had […]