Mom’s Birthday Gift

Who remembers my holiday clearance score from Target last year?  These babies were 90% off — Just one problem…. they all said 2011!   Here is what you need to know – my mom ADORES nutcrackers and collects them. These would be PERFECT for her — after one quick change:I found a craft paint to match the blue base in my […]

Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

We always used to laugh the day after Thanksgiving – the fridge looked like an aluminum mine with all the tented tin foil over everything. These recipes are from the Tupperware world — fun ways to “re-invent” the leftovers from your Thanksgiving Dinner so it seems like a brand new meal to feed your family.Enjoy!Left Over Turkey1 cup seasoned dry […]

SUPER Simple Way To Dress Up Jelly Jars!

I like to put homemade jams/jellies in holiday gift baskets but rarely have the time for hunting down fabric to dress them up.   I am not the best with photoshop either and can’t make the clever labels that so many people seem to be able to either.   This is my super easy and CHEAP solution: muffin tin liners! […]

Making 20# of Mashed Potatoes… and more!

If you have a large family like I do – you are probably in the kitchen today too! It’s the simple things that I am making today like the sweet potato pecan casserole and the mashed potatoes…toss a few dinner rolls in the oven and assemble the pumpkin crisp ingredients and I am pretty well set for tomorrow! Mashed potatoes […]