Disney Incredibles Cake Balls

I am so excited about the new movie that we had to whip up these Disney Incredibles Cake Balls to celebrate! Simple to make, yummy to eat and with fun and festive “jimmies” to decorate them. I find these different colored toppings at Michael’s Craft store – they have an entire section of treats that are colorized for baking. You […]

Copycat…. “Disneyland” Dole Whip Recipe

One of Miss Sarah’s favorite things about Magic Kingdom is the cold treat: Dole Whip.  Two little words that bring a smile to not only Miss Sarah’s face, but the faces of many people who visit the parks. Here is our version — Recipe: 14 C Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Bag of Frozen Dole Pineapple Chunks 1 TBSP Pineapple Juice 1 […]

Disney Pirate Fairy Movie Night

There was excitement all around with the new release of the Disney Pirate Fairy movie! While this movie primarily appeals to little fairy loving girls I was happy to see that a little boy could also enjoy the swashbuckling action and adventure in this film. Themed activities, snacks, and crafts make this more than just another night in front of the […]

Disney Frozen Movie Night

  Do you do family movie nights?  Or in our case sometimes get into (or stay in our pj’s) and watch a favorite movie snuggled on the couch? A movie by itself is fun, and while it usually includes popcorn, sometimes adding a few activities and craft can really make a simple movie an event (even if you have seen […]

39 Ridiculously Expensive Everyday Items to Stop Buying in 2022

There is no secret that 2022 brings us inflation, a possible world war, and supply chain disruptions from the tail end of a global pandemic. People are feeling the pinch and we are here to help! We came up with a list of items to stop buying that we think are ridiculously expensive that should be cut out of every […]

Mickey Mouse Door Wreath: An Easy Dollar Tree DIY Craft

Do you love Mickey Mouse? Mickey is a favorite in Walt Disney World, and in my house? We have more than one Disney Fan. Mickey has been around for almost 88 years! He was born on November 18th, 1928. This is why Mickey’s birthday is celebrated every year on November 18th. Mickey Mouse Door Wreath: A Dollar Tree Easy DIY […]