27 Ideas to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Do you want to celebrate Star Wars Day this year? I think back to May 25, 1977, when I was at Hilldale Shopping Center’s movie theater and in line to see the very first movie.I was entranced in the epic sci-fi adventure with galactic knights, a princess, and a legendary battle between good and evil. It. Was. Amazing to an […]

The Best Blueberry Sheet Cake That is Whole30 Friendly

The Best Blueberry Sheet Cake That is Whole30 Friendly? I know people are tweaking diets right now as part of their New Year’s Resolutions and the Whole30 plan is a pretty popular one. If you don’t know what is whole30 friendly, it is a 30-day clean-eating plan designed to revamp your eating habits by cutting out certain foods. By clean […]

The Best Banana Oatmeal Cookies You Could Ever Eat

I know I mentioned that my Momma passed recently. I have been going over her photo albums, journals, and recipe books to see what I wanted to keep. The stories that come out of this treasure trove make my heart melt and fill me with such incredible joy at the same time. Like the story behind The Best Banana Oatmeal […]

21 Delectable Valentine’s Day Desserts

The best way to impress your loved one on Feb 14 is through the Valentine’s Day desserts. The cookies, desserts and the cupcakes are bound to impress anyone and everyone. The recipes are so easy that even the kids can help you with it. 21 Delectable Valentine’s Day Desserts Heart Chocolate Sandwich Cookie The heart chocolate sandwich cookies have a […]

Our Amazing Mouth-Watering Eggnog Sheet Cake Recipe

Eggnog is a holiday staple – and when you use it in a dessert? You create a match made in heaven. This Eggnog Sheet Cake recipe of ours does just that: create a bit of heaven for your mouth. Amazing Mouth-Watering Eggnog Sheet Cake If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE everything […]

The Best Sweet Holiday Cupcakes To Celebrate the Season

Holiday cupcakes are a popular dessert or treat that we love enjoying throughout the holidays. These Sweet Holiday Cupcakes are versatile and can be used for parties, family gatherings, school events, or as a simple treat to enjoy after dinner. With cupcakes being such a versatile treat, there are so many different flavors and ingredient combinations that you can go […]