3 Ingredients You Can Buy and Cook in Bulk

If you are looking to cook healthier, but also with your extra-busy schedule, buying a few things and learning to cook in bulk is highly recommended. While you do need to find some time during at least one day of the week, this helps you prepare meals for the rest of the week. Here are just a few ideas of […]

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Pasta

Pasta is such a great way to stretch a meal. You can get a one-pound box of dried pasta for under a dollar easily if you watch the sales. Add a few veggies, a little meat, and a simple sauce? You can feed a large family for practically pennies. It is an amazing way to use leftovers! This Everything but […]

Supreme Pizza Soup – A Budget Treat

Soup is such a great way to stretch a food budget! The very fact that the broth can be filling, in addition to whatever you add to it. It is one of my top “go-tos” for budget-friendly answers: soup, pizza, casseroles, pasta, and quiche. This Supreme Pizza soup is a great twist on my favorites! Supreme Pizza Soup My daughter […]

Unicorn Jello Shots For Adults Only

Unicorn Jello Shots are something fun and different . As they may take a little bit of time to make, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any adult. So, first of all, you have to make the unicorn horn and ears. It is something easy to do with fondant if you aren’t lucky enough to […]

Canning Strawberry Pie Filling: a How-To

Aldi had some great berries this past week, and at under a dollar a pound? I had to take advantage of that sale! They were perfectly sweet, a deep beautiful red, and merely begging me to take them home. So, I purchased 15 packages and then got to work on canning strawberry pie filling. Let’s talk about Clear Jel. It […]

Mermaid Jello Shots for Adults Only

If you are anything like I am, you have been going slowly insane during home-bound quarantine as you try to keep the family harmony balanced, food on the table, kids completing their online coursework, and possibly getting your own work done. That is beyond enough reasons for the necessity of something whimsical like Mermaid Jello Shots! How to Make Mermaid […]