15 Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts For Kids

15 Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts For Kids

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Are you looking for some fun things to do with the kiddos for Valentine Day Crafts? We hunted around and found these easy peasy Valentine crafts for kids with these 15 fun ideas!

15 Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts For Kids

15 Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts For Kids

Valentine Heart Garland

This is a very cute and fun craft project for Valentine’s Day and this will really get the little ones involved. Just make a pretty looking garland to decorate for the big occasion using simply beads and colored pipe cleaners. You will have great fun making these and try to make more innovative creations with these.

Learn how to make Valentine Heart Garland here

Toddler Valentine’s Painting

Toddlers love to get involved in every kind of celebration in the household. So we decided to share with you Toddler Valentine’s painting ideas which are very creative and can be used for occasions like Valentine’s days and even birthdays. These paintings are super easy and the toddlers will simply love it!

Learn how to make Toddler Valentine’s Painting here

Friendship Bracelet V-Day Cards

For the kids, the Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating with friends and letting them know that they form an integral part of his/her life. The Friendship Bracelet cards are very easy to make and you just need a few things which would be available at your neighborhood craft store.

Learn how to make Friendship Bracelet V-Day Cards here

Valentine’s Day Pillow

If you are thinking of V-Day gifts then be informed that pillows can be an adorable present and it is great as you can do everything all by yourself. These pillows need to be made with love and care and you can also make decorations on them or make beautiful quotes.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Pillow here

DIY Valentine Balloon Topiary

This is really a fun DIY project which you can make even on a birthday. You would need a very old topiary to start on this; so you need to search all those places where you stash old things. Making this would be a bit messy and any kid would need adult supervision.

Learn how to make DIY Valentine Balloon Topiary here

DIY Heart Crayons

Are you already thinking about Valentine’s Day? If you want to make that day a bit special for your little ones then we have a great idea for you! This is such one of the top easy peasy Valentine crafts for kids! The heart shaped crayons are very easy to make and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Learn how to make DIY Heart Crayons here

Cupids Arrow Tree Stump

This is a fun Valentine’s Day craft which the kids will really enjoy doing. You may have to go to Thrift Store to pick up some of the things that you need for this craft and try to get a small tree stump. It can be a fun addition to your Valentine’s Day decor.

Learn how to make Cupids Arrow Tree Stump here

V-Day Class Notes

You can think of giving something different to your child’s classmates this valentine’s day. You can pick up fruit snacks from any of the on-going sales and stick mailing labels on them to make them look adorable. If you prefer something more creative then you can also opt for a handmade tag.

Learn how to make V-Day Class Notes here

Heart Sun Catcher

If you want a simple way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and want your toddlers to be a part of it then you can take up this fun little project. They are fun, easy to make and takes no time at all. This craft can be completed within 30 to 40 min and appeals to kids of all ages.

Learn how to make Heart Sun Catcher here

Valentine’s Vases

You are going to buy/get lots of lowers on Valentine’s Day, right? Well, you need a place to keep them in and with this project you will learn to make wonderful vases where you can keep those beautiful flowers. To get started on this project, just get the basic round vases which you can get from the dollar store.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Vases here

Valentine’s Pockets

The Valentine’s Pockets are very popular with the kids as they can use it to fill it up with goodies and take them to school for their classmates. These Valentine’s Pockets are very easy to make as you only need Valentine paper and adhesive backs.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Pockets here

Glitter Heart

Even if your kiddos are new to crafts, they can easily make the Glitter Heart which looks really good for home décor and can be used to decorate just about anything. The Glitter Hearts can be used to add some real sparkle to your gift items or even V-Day greeting cards.

Learn how to make Glitter Heart here

Valentine’s Day Card Display

The Valentine’s Day cards are just the perfect way to display a photo from your special moment. You can display a photo of your proposal or a snapshot from the altar. This DIY project is perfect for those who prefer to display their special moments on the big day.

Learn how to make Valentine’s Day Card Display here

Simple Heart Wreath

Are you looking for cheap and affordable Valentine wreaths? This is a simple craft wherein you learn to make beautiful wreaths which are perfect for your front door. It fits perfectly in our theme of easy peasy Valentine crafts. You can use red gloss spray paint on the wreaths to make them look classy and colorful.

Learn how to make Simple Heart Wreath here

Burlap Key To My Heart

If you love Burlap then you will fall in love with this DIY project. With the Valentine’s Day just round the corner, you will feel tempted to make something really beautiful with this easy and simple art project. Just get hold of a red lacquer frame to start on this craft.

Learn how to make Burlap Key to my Heart here

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