Red Pixy Stick Moonshine

Red Pixy Stick Moonshine

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I know you are a dutiful parent. You thoroughly inspect your child’s Trick-or-Treat bounty and purged it of all evils. I know that all Mounds Bars, Pixy Sticks and Peanut Butter Cups are culled and the rest released to Miss Sarah.

I NEED Pixy Sticks to make the Red Pixy Stick Moonshine recipe that I will share with you.

Yield: 4 mason jars 8-10oz

Red Pixy Stick Moonshine
Recipe Type: Drinks
Author: Dannelle Gay
Serves: 4 8oz jars
Make sure you help yourself to the Pixy Sticks in your kiddos Halloween candy so you can make this treat!
  • 4 small 8oz- 10oz mason jars
  • 6 cups Everclear
  • 4 bags of 1.00 Pixy stick candy
  • 1 tsp. grenadine flavoring in each jar
  1. Fill each mason jar with 8 red pixy sticks
  2. Pour your Everclear into each mason jar until almost full.
  3. Add you grenadine
  4. Close and seal the lids.
  5. Shake the jars vigorously for a minute.
  6. Place the jars in a cool dark place for a week.
  7. Shake them at least once or twice a day.
  8. Store up to 2 weeks.
  9. Store for a maximum 30 days.
  10. ENJOY!!!!!

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