Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk

To Save Money on Food by Shopping Online in Bulk can seem like a strange idea until you look at it more closely. One thing we can learn from the big mess with the snowstorms all over the South is that it pays to be prepared. When you aren’t ready for the ice and snow – or any strange anomaly […]

Grocery Shopping – Working on Breakfast

This week the big sales were on juice and cereal. So that means, for Grocery Shopping – I was Working on Breakfast We were already pretty stocked up on cereal but needed the juice! My juice goes twice as far as I cut it 50/50 with water for Sarah. I know I COULD buy “lite” juice, but they already cut […]

Pinching Pennies Grocery Shopping

This can be a fast way to fix a budget…setting a goal for what NOT to spend at the store to feed the family. I have been averaging $100 a month and that feeds the 3 of us along with a cat and a dog. Pinching Pennies Grocery Shopping is a pretty simple way to save money. Pinching Pennies Grocery […]