Incredible Tropical Pineapple Sandy Cocktail Recipe

Incredible Tropical Pineapple Sandy Cocktail Recipe

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I don’t know about you, but it seems like we have 8 months of winter here in Wisconsin. We spend most of the year dreaming of those warm summer nights, or an escape to a tropical location for a bit of heat and sunshine. This Tropical Pineapple Sandy Cocktail Recipe of ours is our nod to the time we would love to be on a beach and with a cabana boy bringing us a fruity drink with an umbrella.

Tropical Pineapple Sandy Cocktail Drink Recipe

I know, not all people know what a Sandy Cocktail even is. There seems to be a resurgence of vintage drinks and this fits in perfectly!

What IS a Sandy Cocktail?

Some people call them a Sandy Collins or a Sandy Crack drink because they use simple syrup and sugar on the rim of the glasses. This is not to be confused with a SHANDY – that is a blend of beer and lemonade. Technically a Sandy Collins is a Tom Collins but made with Scotch Whisky. That really isn’t what we are making today – it is a vodka and rum-based tropical drink.
Regardless, a collins is a simple syrup base with fruit juice, usually lemon and lime. We use pineapple and orange juice in our tasty treat.

Don’t confuse this with a Sandy Bottom Cocktail

While those are another rum-based cocktail brand with natural flavors of coconut, lemonade & lime, it is a pre-bottled gem that is light pink.

Why are craft cocktails on the rise?

When you think of the word “craft” you think of something handmade and that is exactly what craft cocktails are about – the painstaking process of creating a tasty treat by hand. There has been a resurgence of these since COVID-19 hit – as so many places were closed that people wanted to treat themselves occasionally and forget about all the things that they can’t do while stuck in their homes.

Can you mix cocktails in advance?

Yes and no. For the best results, chill all the ingredients until the time of making your Sandy Cocktail. All of them, the alcohol, juices, and even club soda.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!

Our recipe will serve 2 if you use 8oz glasses – that is one for you and your sweetie who should be in a beach chair next to you.
You will want to rim your glass with sugar before you make your cocktails.
If you don’t know how to to that, just check out this quick video:

Sandy Cocktail Ingredients:

2 oz Pineapple flavored vodka
2 oz coconut rum
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz orange juice
Club soda
Simple syrup
The sugared rim on your glasses
To make the sugared rim you need to place about a tablespoon of simple syrup on one plate and a couple of tablespoons of sugar on another plate. Dip your glass into the simple syrup then into the sugar, rotating the glass slightly as you spin it to coat the edge evenly.
Place ice in the glass and pour vodka, rum, and both juices over the ice. Top with soda.
Garnish with a cherry and, wedges of pineapple.
Now sit back with your sweetie, pop some steel drum music on your streaming device, and let it all take you back to the islands for a mini getaway.

Print off our recipe here:

[zrdn-recipe id=”52″]

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